Edu Brenes´s Official Site

English/ Castellano

Edu Brenes, born in Madrid, studied drums, percussion, modern piano, singing, music theory and harmony at the Escuela de Música Creativa with teachers such as Carlos Carli, Eva Gancedo, Tom Hornsby, Arturo Lledo or Andy Phillip. Later with Angel Crespo supplemented his drum studies.

As drummer he is an artist endorser of Meinl Cymbals. His professional career began more than 10 years with bands of different musical styles, ranging from hard rock to jazz. He is currently active with:

-SKUNK D.F.: Recordings and gigs of Esencia, Carpe Diem and El Crisol albums.

-JORGE SALAN: Recordings on the albums From Now On and Sixth Assault and gigs in Spain and Mexico with Michael Schenker Band.

-VIOLENT EVE: Recording of the album Eleven Reasons to Kill in Austria and international gigs, playing in India with Decapitated and Sybreed.

-INDOVEN: Recording of his debut album and national gigs.

-BAD WORKERS: (Musicians of Michael Jackson Musical, Forever King Of Pop) Live Performances.

Besides these names, we can find on his work recordings and gigs with bands like: Miguel Ríos, Terroristars (Gig in Spain and France and recordings on discs Tribute to a Madman and Morir con las botas puestas. KAOTHIC: Gig in Spain, Austria and Germany. LEO JIMENEZ, BRENGA ASTUR and others.

As composer he has worked for the Deparment of Interior, spots, Videobook Trailers and audiovisual productions.

He combines all these jobs with teaching where he has developed and extensive experience in music schools in Madrid. He currently teaches at the Music School Schönberg.